6 Music Melba Toast Debate

My husband has just come home from work and whilst having our dinner told me about a surprising debate on 6 Musics Radcliffe and Maconie show about how Melba Toast is made.

Suggestions included making it in a toaster, cutting down the middle, put the two toasted sides back to back and place back into the toaster ...... I think this is a disaster waiting to happen! Another involved toasting the bread and rolling thin with a rolling pin or bottle of wine .............. I prefer to drink the wine.

This is the correct way to make perfect Melba Toast.

Buy thin sliced bread, toast both sides under the grill. Remove the crusts, lay flat on a board and carefully slice through the middle with a serrated knife. Hold the two pieces of bread with the dough side down on a chopping board and rotate in a circular motion to remove excess dough. Cut into triangles. place toast on a tray with dough side up and return to grill. Watch carefully it should turn a golden brown and curl at the edges. Perfect hotel and restaurant standard Melba Toast.#greenscountrykitchen #melbatoast #6music #radcliffeandmaconie


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