Snowdonia Black Bomber

A rich, full cheddar, with a decadent, smooth, creamy flavour.
Smooth and creamy to the taste, the award winning Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese started life in the rolling hills and valleys of Wales. Sculpted by the landscape, the first bite gives a rich cheddar flavour that flows across the palate leaving you with a moreish tang. The creamy cow’s milk of Snowdonia Black Bomber gives a full flavour, without overpowering the senses, providing plenty of room for more!

Pairings – wines, beers, crackers, chutneys…
Snowdonia Black Bomber is not only great on its own, it also pairs brilliantly with biscuits and chutneys (such as Real Ale Chutney or Red Hot Chilli Crackers), and it’s not bad with a wine or two either! For reds, we recommend a Malbec or Rioja and whites, either a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Ales also go particularly well with Black Bomber for that more rustic Welsh farm experience.

Allergy Info
Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese is made from cow’s milk and is suitable for vegetarians.

Black Bomber Truckle 200g


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